Story about UAV shooter from Kentucky.

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Phantom 3 UAV
Here is a series of links about the confrontation between a Kentucky gunman and a UAV pilot that had his UAV shot down.

Gunman shooting down UAV in Kentucky.

Raw Video of William Merideth being arrested after shooting down a UAV.

UAV Operator’s version of what occured.

Ars Technica story about drone shooter.

Ars Technica: UAV pilot comes forward with further information.

Ars Technica: Further reading about the conflict between the Gunman and UAV Operator.

TNT interview with William Merideth: this shows a lot of ignorance from both the radio show and the gunman.

Mirror of cached video from UAV operator’s application showing how high and where the UAV was when shot down. It’s kind of obvious it is WAY over the 10 feet above the backyard that Meredith claimed.

Judge dismisses all charges against shooter. In a tragedy of justice, Judge Rebecca Ward, dismisses all charges against the shooter, William Merideth. The case was dismissed on the word of three of Merideth’s friends, and the flight data and other evidence against Meredith was not even reviewed. It sounds like this will be taken before a grand jury by the state prosecutor.

Ars Technica article about the charges being dismissed. Good read.

David Boggs had an interview on the Drone Zone. David discusses what happened in the trial, what actually occurred, and the lies being told by the shooter, among other topics. Skip to 23:20 for the actual interview.

Here is the video from the victim of the attack on the drone. This is the in-app recording, not the actual recording from the aircraft, because the SD card vanished by the time one of Merideth’s neighbors grabbed the downed UAV and gave it to police.

Here is another article about the Kentucky gunman not being held accountable to his actions. This article, though, features a photo of the UAV after it was shot. You can clearly see that only 1 blade, on one prop was destroyed, again showing that birdshot can do that. It wasn’t the blast that damaged the UAV, it was a pellet getting in the way of a blade spinning at close to 10,000 RPM.

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