Having a look at the average UAV pilot or Is your neighborhood drone pilot a spy?

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Drone Operator and Spotter

Drone Operator and Spotter

There have been a lot of sensational stories about UAVs (Drones) as of late. Stories about them having close calls to planes or helicopters. Paranoid people using guns and fishing poles to take them down. We’ve even had people on a beach run up and beat a child flying his UAV over the beach. There is a lot of misunderstanding, and quite honestly, ignorance about what UAVs are actually capable of.

Drone Pilot Zone has put together a good article going over who a UAV operator is, and hopefully dispels some of the stupidity. Drone operators are not spies. There are far better tools for that.

This will give good information with which to speak to people curious about the hobby as well as a good place to send people if they want to find out more information.

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