Getting a Pilot’s license to teach a class on Journalism.

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Phantom 2 Vision | Credit: Kevin Rank

Matt Waite is getting close to receiving his pilot’s license so he can legally fly UAVs. He is a professor at University of Nebraska-Lincoln and head of the Drone Journalism Lab. Columbia Journalism Review have run an article about Matt’s endeavor to re-open the Drone Journalism lab. In 2011, he received a letter from the FAA telling him to shut it down, since the FAA did not have regulations. Now that the FAA is giving 333 exemptions, Matt is working on getting his pilot’s license to be able to fly UAVs as part of his class. It really is a lot of hoops to jump through, just to teach students about a technology that will likely impact their careers greatly in the years to come. Head over to the story and read more about it.

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