Drone nearly hits medical helicopter

Posted by on Aug 18, 2015 in UAV News | 0 comments

Skylife Helicopter
This news comes to us from Fresno, Ca. A medical helicopter nearly collided with a drone at 1000′. What is interesting about this story, is we hear about the drone. This one was 4-6′ wide. That is huge, much larger than the hobby UAVs most of us fly. Another story of the same incident completely omits the size of the drone. In the comments people go on to call for drone regulation, and comment about DJI consumer UAVs, not realizing that is not even close to what nearly collided with the helicopter. ABC 30’s headline intially read that it was a collision, as well.

I keep seeing stories about drones at 1000 feet, another at 7000 feet. Lets maybe create some sort of standard. Not all “drones” are created equal. Numbers are just data. We need actual context to turn that data into information.

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