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Flying over a neighbor’s house (who happens to be a cop) at 300′ lands man with criminal trespass.

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Flying over a neighbor’s house (who happens to be a cop) at 300′ lands man with criminal trespass.

This is quite frankly, something that is terribly disturbing. We have all the great hits here.

We have potential police corruption with an officer instigating this. This is an Inspire 1, it doesn’t have the ability to “spy” at 300′. Another officer comes on site and sees them flying and arrests him.

Several local prosecutors pass on the complaint. They see it is bogus. Just before the complaint is finally dropped, the state prosecutor steps in. At the trial, earlier this year, with Covid and other issues, the drone operator is not able to get his professional witness there, and the court denies allowing him to attend via Zoom or other video conference that many other courts are allowing. Flight logs were not allowed in, showing how high the drone was.

Find out more about this case from Joshua Bardwell:

Help James Benson gain his rights back and overturn this terrible travesty of justice:

Of course, this just sounds completely like the case from Kentucky with yet another judge that was anti-justice and out to hurt drone operators by also denying pertinent evidence.

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A Federal Appeals Court Strikes Down FAA Rules for Registering Model Aircraft

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A Federal Appeals Court Strikes Down FAA Rules for Registering Model Aircraft

The FAA has forced hobby UAV operators to register their aircraft for almost a year now.  Today, the rule was struck down by an Appeals court that sided on John A. Taylor’s side (and the side of hobbyist flyers across the nation) that the FAA overstepped their boundaries.  Section 336 of the FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012 is pretty specific that the FAA is forbidden “from promulgating any rule or regulation regarding model aircraft.”

This ruling does not affect commercial UAV pilots, only hobbyist operators.

We wait to see the FAA’s reaction and if they will challenge this ruling to Supreme Court.

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New executive order to help businesses will hurt drone business.

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The law of unintended consequences. Trump’s recent executive order to reduce regulation across the federal government is likely to cause more problems for drone use than it solves. While the order was passed to reduce regulation and help stimulate business growth, with the nascent growth of the Drone industry regulations are needed to be updated and changed to give drone pilots more ability to fly their drones for customers. Read the rest of the story on Forbes.

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Shooting down any aircraft, including UAVs and other RC planes, is a federal crime.

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Phantom 2 Vision - Photo by : Kevin Rank

John Goglia has a piece on stateing that the FAA has responded to questions about the shooting down of drones.  Citing 18 U.S.C. 32, the FAA has confirmed that shooting down a Drone or any other aircraft is a felony.  This statue goes on further and prohibits interfering with anyone “engaged in the authorized operation of such aircraft”.  This means that threatening a drone or drone operator could put a person in jail for 5 years.

While the FAA says that it is a federal crime to shoot down aircraft, they have not stated when they will start prosecuting those that are shooting down UAVs

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Racing Drones in Boise

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Here is a fun article from the Idaho Statesman.  It covers the “new” sport of drone racing.  It has an angle about getting kids involved and how much they enjoy it.

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Mandatory registration for all UAVs and RC aircraft?

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Yesterday, the US Department of Transportation held a press conference outlining new rules that they and the FAA want to implement. These rules would make it so that all UAVs (Hobby and commercial) as well as other hobby aircraft will need to be registered with the FAA. There are a lot of questions with this, and the obvious is about hobby use. Right now, hobbiests do not need to register their aircraft. The process to register an aircraft is very time consuming, and involves many carbon copies… yes, in 2015 they still do not have an electronic means of document submission.

There has been some good commentary about this press-release and proposed new rules:

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