Sold By Air site: Some cool tools for your next flight.

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Sold By Air LogoThis is more targeted for aerial photographers, but Sold by Air has a pretty cool tools page that shows information about where you plan to fly from.  Airports, weather, even the sunset/sunrise.  This is a great tool to get a quick rundown of the location you plan to fly from.


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Litchi app for DJI UAVs

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Litchi Logo

Just found a new app called Litchi. This is an app for DJI UAVs that features several methods of flight beyond basic control. This gives you follow, circle, and waypoint missions. It supports the P2 Vision, P2 Vision +, Phantom 3, and Inspire 1.

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The Hover App

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The Hover App

The Hover app bills itself as the “Must have app, for Drone pilots”. It has a flight readiness dashboard that gives you current conditions, as well as an aggregated news feed. By swiping left, right, up, down, you can reach different aspects of the app. To the left, is a flight log. To the right is their news feed. To the top, is a timer, to record your flight time, and on the bottom is a map showing your location and any flight restrictions provided by

This one is available on iOS and Android. I also have it installed on my phone, and use it.

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Online logging of flight time.

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Kittyhawk.ioLogging flight time, and maintenance is going to become more important as UAV use increases. It will be a good way to prove your flight capabilities and maintenance. I just found out about this site, and thought it would be a good share. Any other recommendations? – Online flight logs

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