Can you spy with a consumer drone?

Posted by on Aug 20, 2015 in Gen-Info | 0 comments

Here is a really good video showing what is and is not possible with a UAV. The Drone Dude has put together this video showing what a UAV sees at a short range, then out to 150′. He then switches over to a camera with a zoom lens showing how it is very unlikely someone would use a UAV to spy on you, since a camera with a zoom lens is far superior. This video also shows how audible the UAVs are.

Finally, he goes on to show what it looks like outside, from long range down to 20′. This again shows that at 100′ you can’t see much, and it is very noticeable from sound.

As a photographer, I have known these facts for quite a while, and when I see people say the UAV is spying, I shake my head. It is just not possible, or probable. Especially when a simple camera is all that is needed. This video will hopefully dispel some of the paranoia around what a UAV can see.

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