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Good Price on the Mavic Pro

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DJI Mavic Pro Mavic

Gearbest is coming up on their 4th anniversary.  I noticed they have a deal going on, on the DJI Mavic Pro.


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Sold By Air site: Some cool tools for your next flight.

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Sold By Air LogoThis is more targeted for aerial photographers, but Sold by Air has a pretty cool tools page that shows information about where you plan to fly from.  Airports, weather, even the sunset/sunrise.  This is a great tool to get a quick rundown of the location you plan to fly from.


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A Federal Appeals Court Strikes Down FAA Rules for Registering Model Aircraft

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A Federal Appeals Court Strikes Down FAA Rules for Registering Model Aircraft

The FAA has forced hobby UAV operators to register their aircraft for almost a year now.  Today, the rule was struck down by an Appeals court that sided on John A. Taylor’s side (and the side of hobbyist flyers across the nation) that the FAA overstepped their boundaries.  Section 336 of the FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012 is pretty specific that the FAA is forbidden “from promulgating any rule or regulation regarding model aircraft.”

This ruling does not affect commercial UAV pilots, only hobbyist operators.

We wait to see the FAA’s reaction and if they will challenge this ruling to Supreme Court.

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Tiny Whoop Race at Hobby Town in Boise.

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Tiny WhoopThe local Boise FPV group is putting on a a Tiny Whoop FPV Race on February 25, at 8pm.  They will be following the Drone Racing MultiGP rules.  Find out more information from this Event Page on Facebook.

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