A call to ground all drones…

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Phantom 2 Vision - Photo by : Kevin Rank

Everyone has heard of trolls on the internet… USA Today just allowed a troll into their newspaper. Under the guise of safety, this so-called expert uses examples that are downright false (as has been pointed out on this blog, the Fresno incident was not a consumer drone, but something 4 – 6′ wide. He talks about the upper limits of drones (the 55 pound variety) which again, are not consumer drones. The guy is trolling and attempting to destroy a hobby and business that thousands of people enjoy, and make a living on.

So, now, we have to worry about people being published as “experts” that are nothing more than fear-mongers.

We have idiots in all walks of life. Not just UAV operators. Why come down on all of the law-abiding, common sense following operators, instead of those that are breaking the laws? Those that break laws are not going to follow new ones.

Yet, the so-called expert is asking to ban all UAVs. 99.99% of the sky is free from manned aircraft. A little common sense will keep you out of their way. Seems a wasted resource if only a privileged few can use it.

As it is, RC planes and helicopters have flown for years, without problems.

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